Sunday, October 31, 2010

Can we be friends?

I got a message from someone in Facebook and he just made my day. Haha. I guess he's trying to be friendly but his way of doing it was just crazy. Well, in respect to him, I blurred his face, deleted some digits of his number and decided not to put his last name. I don't want to feel totally bad with this entry. Haha. See his message...

Just to say hi and wants to be friend with you. Mabait at friendly akung tao. I just hope mabait at honest ka din so we can be good friends. Taga san ka nga pala? Are you working? Do you drink? Smoke? Mahilig kang kumanta o mag videoke? Do you live with your family or you live alone? Pwedeng malaman CP number mo para keep in touch tayo. Ako ito CP number ko for you to feel my sincerity 0909302****. Hope youu answer all the questions with all honesty! Ingat palagi, God bless!


Funny how he's requiring me to be honest in answering all of his questions. In fairness to him, I feel like applying for a job with all of those questions, and most especially the videoke thing. Haha. I didn't respond. I don't really respond to messages with such content. No need for that anymore.

Anyone interested? I can give you his number. And you two can sing videoke, his treat. Haha!!!

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