Monday, October 11, 2010

My Hongkong Trip Part 2

Okay, so we arrived at Hongkong at 9:30 in the evening. We were welcomed by the Shuttle Service personnel, together with 3 other groups joining the bus. We were the last to be dropped off at Guandong Hotel and we were able to check-in around 11:30pm. It took us some time at the airport because the travel agency guy had to discuss our itinerary for the tours and pick-up time.

So anyway, after checking in and settling our bags inside our room, we went outside to eat. I was so hungry that time all I want to do is eat eat eat. Now the next question was...


Since I can't read nor understand chinese language, and I'm not a fan of chinese food, good thing while we were circling around the streets of Kowloon inside the bus, I saw a sign of KFC. I remember my friend Joy told me that there's KFC and McDonalds available in Kowloon district and there it was, I found it in an instant. We just walked a few streets to get there from the hotel.

Hubbee would be ecstatic to see there's his favorite KFC in hongkong. Haha. After dinner, we walked around because there are still some stores open. One store that caught my attention was this DVD/VCD store. Upon entering, I felt there was something inside. Just like an angel holding my hand to get inside because I will find something that I have been looking for. And there it was...


The movie that I've heard before that hubbee had a hard time downloading it in the internet. I'll write a separate entry about this film. Promise!

And so, my parents went back to the hotel already while I was still enjoying walking around the area, getting to know the streets, familiarizing myself with the location (I normally do this when I travel), and watching live fashion show in the street. Haha. I'm still amazed how fashionista hongkong nationals are.

So, next day...

Our breakfast was located at Cafe de Coral, in which you will need to cross the other side of the street to get there. But we were not complaining because who would not want to stroll around in the morning with a fine weather. We were all set at 8:00am. Mom and I were fashionably appropriate according to the weather forecast we learned before going to hongkong. So our bags were full of clothes appropriate for a cool weather.

But here's the catch...

The sun was up when we got out of the hotel and it wasn't even cold!!!! Damn. So what! Paninindigan ko ang suot ko. Ako pa! All for the sake of my planned gettup! Haha. So it was fine, Cafe de Coral was cold inside so we're still appropriate. Our tour bus arrived at the hotel exactly at 9:00am. The bus was cold, and so we're still appropriate. Then our tour guide Kenis said our first stop is at the Harbour Bay. When we got there, we are no longer appropriate. Haha!

Btw, my dad looked like a chinese in the picture above. Haha!

It was hot. I couldn't wear my jacket anymore. I had to take it off. The problem was, I don't like my shirt without the jacket, but I had no choice. Fine! So just enjoy the moment. Fine! Fine! Start of the picture-taking.

Then went to the next stop which is the TSL factory, makers of world-known jewelries. For the jewelry lovers, you will love the place. They are selling it for a cheaper price and you can even replace it after a year or two by just keeping the receipt. And that's for free. My dad bought mom a pendant of her birth sign. Nice! Ako, wala... Haha! Okay lang.

I was getting bored already as I am not a jewelry fan. But I had no choice, there's an itinerary to follow. Until Kenis mentioned that it's time to go to Disneyland. My energy returned like it came from Macau and returned and I was alive again. Haha!

Anyways, according to Kenis, you can already enjoy Disneyland half of the day because it wasn't as huge as what you can see in the states which I happened to visit already. That's why we got there during lunch time and advised us that we'll leave the park by 9:30pm.

It was the middle of the day and the sun is up on it's greatest glory and the heat is getting on me already. Not only that, I was so hungry then. The first thing we did in Disneyland was to eat. Haha! And we literally ate a lot. I didn't know my dad was that so hungry he ordered a lot for us. Our bill reached to $600 just for our lunch. Darn! Darna! Darn!

The next thing I did after lunch was to buy a new shirt so that I can be comfortable for the rest of the day. And the journey to Disneyland went on. See my pictures below...

If you look at Tarzan's tree house from afar, it doesn't look as big like when you're there already. But it was a nice experience. A cardio-experience. Haha! I think Tarzan wants everyone to attain the body like what he has. And that was his goal for his tree house visitors. Haha! It wasn't designed for kids only. It was meant for adults to enjoy too. Trivia, the tree house was made from concrete and not from wood. Toink! Haha.

Seeing Merlin so skinny and hearing him speak chinese was creepy. But who can complain, the Disneyland is in Hongkong. A lot of people were watching his show, doing tricks and magic and some humor on the side.

Disneyland Hongkong has four districts. The Main street where you can see the castle and where some street shows are happening, the Adventureland where the theme is jungle, the Fantasyland in which most of the rides are for kids and pretending princesses, and where we rode a train, and lastly the Tomorrowland, the futuristic part of the theme park.

One memorable ride was the Space Mountain where I forced my mom to experience it and almost took her life. And I was almost killed by my dad after the ride. Haha!

Lucky for us that night because it was the Halloween special of the park. So the parade was designed to be more spooky than the usual, and those who paraded are the evil characters of all disney movies. Of course, the highlight was the spectacular fireworks display at the castle. It was nice though. I enjoyed it. But it would have been better if I was with hubbee because he'll definitely enjoy it.

We left the park at 9:30pm and got back to our hotel after an hour. I bought hubbee a Dale stufftoy as a remembrance of my Hongkong Disneyland experience. It was a whole tiring day for me. I was so freaking tired when we got back to our hotel. But after 10 minutes of resting...

I went out again for my night stroll. Haha!

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