Sunday, October 10, 2010

Triple X Day

It's not about the extreme porn day I'm talking about, you naughty minds...

Yesterday was the historical October 10, 2010. Many people said it only happens every, ahmmm, I forgot. Whatever! Basta, yesterday was historical, that's all I know. Haha. Lazy mind.

In the philippines, there was the record-breaking run for ilog pasig which was attended and supported by many people, according to ABS-CBN. Several shows were launched. The P10 peso fare of Cebu Pacific which I hated & made me so frustrated because I wasn't able to get any because I think everyone just booked a flight. Damn! And different promos at malls, restaurants, stores. The sensationalized "triple ten" number was a hit!

And everyone thought it will bring some luck. You know how we pinoys think of these things. A few have confessed in Facebook that they got lucky yesterday. Oh well, good for them. But why there was no winner in Lotto on the said lucky day? Haha. Who else is feeling lucky??? I just don't believe in luck.

Did it bring some luck to me? Apparently, it did not.

We had a minor tele-serye scene last night. It was a very dramatic 10.10.10 for me and hubbee. But it was nothing serious. We just love being mellow-dramatic at times. No luck, nothing special, just a regular day for us. And we're good, for the record.


I thought of doing something. Around 7pm, I asked hubbee that we write 10 wishes in a piece of paper and we will burn it exactly at 10pm and maybe it could be a lucky thing to do on the said "lucky day". He liked the idea and agreed on doing it. But past 8pm, I fell asleep and woke up past 11pm. In short, we weren't able to do it. Yeah! Yeah!

Oh well, so that was it. That was my Triple X Day. How about you, any lucky story to tell???

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