Thursday, October 28, 2010

Start of my Diet

I've been very busy and have not blogged for a few days.


But I'm happy that my interest in blogging didn't fade away.

Happy now.

Three days ago, a miracle happened. I finally have decided to start with my diet so I can rid these fats all over me. All over me??? Haha. But I am happy that I am back. I found my determination. Thanks to Bench Uncut that hubbee and I watched last sunday. Those hot men just inspired me. Haha. Just kidding.

On a serious note, not only that I have started my diet but I also started working on my Travel Journal and I had the chance to re-visit some old pictures which was the real reason of my inspiration of getting back in to shape. It was a realization. A holy moment. Seeing my figure before hit me big time. It's like I heard the pictures screaming at me, "FAT! Fat! FAT!". And so the divine intervention happened. Haha.

For the last three days, these are the food that I just had.

This is my latest discovery. Nestle also released a Fitnesse with fruits, which I liked better than the Fitnesse stand alone. It is super deper yummy and it's now my favorite. Matched with Selecta Fortified Milk, it's the best combination. I am actually trying their 14-day program and see if it will really work. I hope so. This is what I eat for my breakfast, or when I wake up in the afternoon. Yeah, that's my morning.

Now this is what I eat during my lunch break at work. Another great discovery. The best! San Marino Tuna Paella. I don't know but there's something with this food that makes me so addicted to it. Although hubbee hates the smell of it, I enjoy it so much. Perfect for a diet. And it has no preservatives. Perfect.

And when my tummy grumbles at times, I just eat either fresh fruits or sky flakes and that's it. Then all water. No soda or other beverage. My diet meal for three days. And of course, as always, it's working. Too bad I can't mix my diet with regular exercise right now due to the complicated schedule I have at work. But once it get settled, I will hit the gym as soon as possible.

Although I am contemplating on my friend's offer of trying Yoga.

I'm pretty sure with a diet and exercise combo, I can bring my shape back. So we'll see. Hubbee's cooking now some Omelette and Hash Brown. I'm gonna celebrate first for the success of the first three day diet. Haha. See how tempting to eat if you're with hubbee. Just kidding.

To a healthy me....

And for a partner who's not enjoying with my diet. Haha!

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