Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hand Signs

DISCLAIMER: This is not going to be another Glee post. Haha.

This is just something I have noticed recently. Shows that uses some hand signs on the title of their show to replace some letters. First, it was cool when Glee started it, then Idol of Sarah Geronimo attempted to copy it, and I said, "fine, okay". Let the pinoys copy the famous show. We always do that.

But ABS-CBN is coming up with another show using hand signs. What the f*ck! I know it's about being creative or what, but having so many at one season is just too much. Would you agree? Good Vibes or GV is the new teenage show of ABS-CBN to match GMA's Tweenhearts. I guess the era of Gimik and TGIF are coming back.

I honestly attempted to do the hand signs. Haha! I bet it's tempting you now to try it also. Go! There's nothing wrong with it. Get some good vibes. Haha. Or if you're in a bad mood, just do this...


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