Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Hongkong Trip Part 4

It was a non-stop walkathon inside Ocean Adventure. And since I only had few hours of sleep, I was sleepy and tired already. At 5:00pm, I was a dead meat already. And since we still have two more destination to go, I had no choice, I have to gather all the energy left and use it to last the day. So what I did when our tour bus arrived, I immediately took a nap for a little recharging. And it helped!

So we arrived at Mongkok for a quick shopping. Our new tour guide educated us about the place and told us what time we will leave. It was like an Amazing Race scene as we need to walk fast, look fast, shop fast because it was time limited. And I hated that moment. Haha! I don't do quick shopping. I'm a lazy turtle when buying things because I wanna make sure I check on the details.

But anyways, the night market, or the nationals call it late market, was quite interesting. A lot of stores and they really do sell items for a very cheap price. Now I know why Hongkong became a shopping capital of asia. Because it was time limited, I was able to buy one bag only. Dad decided to return the next day with our own time so we can really check out the goods properly.

So back to our tour bus, left Mongkok and went to the Peak Tram, the train station going to Victoria Peak. And the place was so crowded!!! A lot of people are going to the peak. The nice thing about getting a travel agency to work on your itinerary is that you don't need to fall in line where everyone does. Just like in Ocean Adventure, where it was packed with visitors too, we had our own separate line which made it easier for us. Same at the Peak Tram.

The experience was nice because the train was literally going up the mountain. I had no more seat so I was standing and I couldn't balance myself because it's going up against the mountain. You really had to hold tight with the handle to keep yourself balanced. But it was a nice ride as you can see the view of city lights. It was a quick ride and at the end of it is an entrance to a nice mall, the Peak Galleria.

It was like a Greenbelt at the top of the mountain. A lot of people were there. And a lot of nice boutiques, restaurants and the Wax Musuem is located there. So I kinda figured out already why a lot of people are going there. The wind is cold and you will really enjoy the beautiful view of hongkong at night. The bright lights of all buildings of the city is just so spectacular. I highly recommend this tour.

We were given an hour and a half to enjoy the place. After some picture-taking, my parents got tired already and just sat down and did some people-watching. Of course, this crazy-mad feet of mine didn't stop. I strolled around and checked out the place. There's no way I should stop enjoying the moment. Then around 9:30pm, we were gathered by our tour guide and hopped in to our bus and dropped off to our hotel.

That was our day. Tiring but worth it. And so again, my parents got tired and decided to take some rest. And again, as usual, no resting for me yet. I did another night stroll in Kowloon. And did a little night shopping. Some perfumes, some shirts and other stuff. I loved the night life there. Isn't it obvious. Haha. I had dinner at Burger King, after two consecutive nights of dinner at KFC. And yes, no trying of local food hubs.

The next day was our free day. No itineraries, all on our own free will. After breakfast, we walked around and checked out the Harbour Drive, where you can see all the expensive stores in Hongkong. Some nationals call it the High-end street. All the famous store, you can find it there. D&G, Armani, Prada, Marc Jacobs, etc. Name it, it's all there.

Part of the plan that day was to return to the night market. Though it's called "night market", the stores opens at 12:00pm and closes at 12:00am. We were just told to take the MTR to get to Mongkok and they said that it's going to be easy to get there. Just like an Amazing Race scene again, and pretending to not look stupid, we managed to get thru. Everything was digital, in purchasing your card, just like our MRT in the Philippines.

The only difference? Their escalators are so quick!!! Haha. You just need to be mindful of your location. Almost everything in Hongkong has english translation so you won't get lost. You just need to use some little brain to make it. When we got there, it was just the right time as stores are just starting to open up. And the good thing about it, for them, first customers are always a lucky charm. So if you do some bargaining, they'll bite it easily.

But mind you about the bad side of it. After bargaining and you felt it was not the item for you, it's so hard to get out because they will literally hold your hand, give in to a more cheaper price until you get it. I had a few experiences that they really followed me after going out of their stalls and speak in their language and getting mad at me. I feel bad though but I just can't buy something that I suddenly feel it wasn't for me. I think some have cursed me for leaving. Haha!

I learned a few trick. For them to give up, give them the craziest bargain. Like if you see an item and asked how much is it, they will say the price, for example $180, and you do some bargain for $120, and they will bargain as well like $130, and you refuse, then they'll force you and continue doing bargaining, tell them your last price like for $80. Then they will snob you and ask you to go. That's the technique!!! Haha.

After some shopping, we had lunch at Pizza Hut in which they serve this Fries in Garlic sauce and a must try. You can't find this here in the Philippines. It was just super delicious. I wish Pizza Hut in our country serve this. After the shopping, we went back to Guandong Hotel and started packing our things. Now that became our problem. Haha! The rest was history.

For the last time, I did another night stroll and checked out the malls in the area. And last minute shopping. I'm telling you, if you go to Hongkong, and want to enjoy the country, bring lots of money. They really have good items for a cheaper price. And literally, it was safe to walk around. Despite the news in our country that it's not safe to be in Hongkong at this time because of the hostage tragedy. It's not true!!!

Woke up early the next day for a 4:30am pick-up to airport. My parents' flight was 8:25am, and mine was 10:40am. I had to wait for 6hours at the airport and all I did was to watch people, read some magazines and Facebook/Twitter via wi-fi. It was a long 6 hours, got so bored and really wanting to go home. I was excited at that time to go home and see hubbee.

The flight was safe, nice weather and I was thankful for that. Me and my travel adventures but still has some freight fears. Crazy! My parents waited for me in NAIA lobby and we did not go home yet. We went straight to Duty Free to buy some chocolates and other stuff. I thought it was over but I'm just the son, I had to follow. And no complaining for the chocolates. Haha.

So that was my trip. I got home and saw hubbee and he gave me a tight hug. It was just a nice to be back home moment. It was our first time to be separated for the longest time. And it felt like years. I swear. Definitely, I will be back in Hongkong, and this time, with hubbee....

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