Friday, October 15, 2010

His way to my heart

This is one of the reasons why I love my hubbee so much. He knows his way to my stomach, toink, I mean my heart. He's not only a good partner, he is also a good chef! And I mean it so well. When in mood, he surprises me with food that I haven't encountered in my very traditional existence in the food world.

And he knows how to reinvent some food that I have cursed since childhood. One perfect example is eating vegetables. I'm a meat eater slash processed food addict slash quick food meal fanatic. But when he first served me his mixed vegetables, and challenged me to just try it, and discontinue eating if I will not like it, and he will not get offended, I gave in. And it changed my life in a moment. Yuck! May moment? Haha!

Now I have loved his mixed vegetables. There's no week that have passed in a month that I haven't been served that.

Between the two of us, I am the most expressive in words with my love for him. And hubbee, this is not a claim okay, you know that! Haha! But when he wants to express his, he will do it in the food he will serve to me.

When we have a teleserye mode in our pad, he will use the food to persuade me in to forgiving him. Like using catchup to write "I'm sorry" on the plate, together with the food he's serving. And who am I not to fall on the trap. My stomach is just too weak for that. Haha!

I have lost a lot of pictures of the food he cooked for me when my laptop got reformated. Too bad I can't show you some of the delightful food he prepared for me. I'm very proud of it. And I want to write this entry as my way of appreciating all the food he prepared and cooked for me. Most especially during my last birthday celebration. Most of it were prepared by hubbee.

Above is the candle light dinner surprise on the eve of my birthday and below is a picture taken during my last Luau party. I decided not to post my picture during the surprise candle light dinner because my eyes were crazy-looking. I cried over the surprise. Haha!

Although I should never forget, that when he tries something new and serve it to me, I have to comment after the first taste, or else, he will take the silence as "I don't like your food, the taste sucks". That's how he is. He needs to know if he has satisfied me. And I have to give it to him for the effort.

But he knows I also tell him if there's something wrong with the food he cooked. I also have the responsibility to be honest with him. It's a key to a healthy food relationship with your partner.

And below was my lunch yesterday. My favorite mashed potato and grilled pork with beans. Okay it sounded like the pork and beans in the can. Not that, okay?!

Sarap no!

And because of that, my friends are loving him. Because they enjoy the benefits of chef will. Haha! And I think they love him more than me because I'm useless. I don't know anything at home, at the kitchen, in short, I'm a pampered spoiled partner. He does everything for me. And because of his goodness in cooking, you are the reason...

Why I'm weighing this heavy nowadays. It's your fault!!!!


But I love you...

And I know, this is just part of your plan of keeping your ideal weight on me so I will continue to look attractive to you. Looking like a walking lechon baboy!!! Haha.

Smile. Happy weekend everyone!!!


crisbalucanag said...

Ahaha!! Ang sarap naman nyan! Hehe may you grow old together guys!

Von Viajero said...

thanks cris!!!!