Friday, October 15, 2010

Back to each others arms

It's been two straight years that Khenzo and I were together. Khenzo and I were together even before hubbee came. Our relationship was strong we never left each others side.

We're always together. Going to work, we're together. Going home, we're also together. Even going to different places, most of my Luzon travel adventure, we we're together. That's how close Khenzo and I.

Before, I used to ignore him. I think it was for 9 months, I was never giving any attention to him at all. I see him everyday but that was it. I had fears sort to say that's why I was hesitant to be close to him.

Until my heart got broken by my ex, that was the turning point for me and Khenzo. It was the start of our good relationship. It was October 2008, I still remember the date. I still remember also how I fought for him to my mom and sister.

I love Khenzo so much. It's so hard to live without him. I feel incomplete without him. There's a different comfort he gives when he's there. I will struggle to live without him.

And that's what happened for the last 7 days. Khenzo was away for one whole week. It was the first time we were apart for that long. My dad who's here in the country for 3 weeks asked Khenzo to accompany him for some business stuff.

Hubbee knows about this. He understands it. He and Khenzo have a good relationship as well. And I'm glad that they do have. The three of us normally go out and have some good time.

And after a week, finally Khenzo is back. It's so nice to see him yesterday. I wanted to give him a big hug when I saw him at festival mall but I don't want to do it in public. But I immediately expressed how I missed him when he and I had time together alone.

Don't worry, it's General Patronage (wink) moment.

Hay Khenzo, I love you so much. Thanks for a lot of things.

And for you readers out there...

I want you to meet my one and only Khenzo....

Wink. Wink,

Have a great day everyone. TGIF!!!

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