Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is for my Sister

When she was a little girl, all of us, including our relatives, even our neighbors, and her classmates call her "nene". Except our yaya who calls her "nini" because she's from Samar (Visayas). Hehe.

It is pronounced as "ne-ne". Follow me, "ne".. "ne"..

Yes, you are right, like "me-me".

Or "de-de".

Or if you want, like "te-te".

Haha! I'm just kidding. "Te-te" is just hilarious. Haha!!!

That was us 5 years ago when we were still drug addict-looking. Haha. I mean when we were still thin. Damn!

Her real name is Mary Grace. But it wasn't used so much in the house. The only time I hear her second name "Grace" is when my mom is mad at her and she's shouting her name like she's cursing her. Haha. I'm exaggerating. It was just "nene" the whole time we're growing as siblings. But now she's a grown up, we call her...


Haha! We just deleted the second "ne". Don't blame us, we love calling her with that. Anyways, why did this entry turned out to be about her name??? Duh.

Duh me!!! Haha.

Anyways, highways, skyways, this is it. We had dinner last night at Kanin Club-West Gate as a family celebration of her birthday. There's my dad (green shirt), my mom (red shirt), me and my sister (you already know us), my cousin Lisa (black & white stripes), and our helper Maris (pink & white stripes). It was fun. Why? Because the food was just so delicious, and it's free. Because someone's treating!!! Haha.

Well, I thought it will be my sister who's going to treat us. It turned out, my dad paid for it. That's after I gave P500.00 to my sister for her to add to her money. So in short, we both got our money back. Thanks dad!

To my sister, whom I love so much, and though we may had misunderstandings in the past, my love for her remains. She's the first and last person in the family who embraced and accepted me for who I am. And she's still proud of me. And for that, I have so much respect for her.

I wish you all the best my sister. My "neh". Happy Birthday again!!!

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