Monday, October 11, 2010

My Hongkong Trip

I've only been out of the country twice and they are all travel to the states. Last week marked my first asian travel and Hongkong became the first destination (yes, I have plans of visiting other countries in the future). Not only it was my first asian country but my first out of the country travel with my parents (yes, this time, no hubbee).

Packed with my hand-carry bags only, with just P5,000 as my pocket money, I joined my parents in traveling this world-famous country for shopping. I was the one who prepared everything for this trip. Just like a pro. Haha! I miss my Expedia days. The flights, the accommodations, the tours and all. Everything was set and all we need to do is be there and have fun. And thanks to Cebu Pacific for the very cheap flights we got during their promo.

And so, I thought everything was fine.

Until I forgot that we need to pay P1,250.00 travel tax at the airport. And that is per person. Damn! So do the math now. P5,000 minus P4,750. How much money was left for me. P250.00 for hongkong, cmon!!! And btw, don't forget that once you get in to the gate, you will need to pay another fee. But after that, that's it pancit!

Now why would someone traveling to a shopping destination will just bring that amount of money? Okay, don't fret! My dad took care of my shopping budget! He just came from Papua New Guinea so I took all my expenses from his pocket. Haha!

Enough of this.

Arriving at the beautiful Hongkong International Airport was nice. Oh, and they have such a beautiful airport!!! And I can't even describe in one statement how amazed I was with this country. And sad to say, very far from Philippines. I took this shot while we are on our way to Disneyland the next day.

How clean their streets are, how safe it was for anyone there to just walk around even in the middle of the night, how disciplined the people most especially the drivers, how beautiful the cars are, the nice skyscrapers, the infrastructure, the bridge, and most of all...

The guys!!!

Haha. With so much emphasis on the last item. Oh well, I ended up like a fat cow seeing the built of the guys there. Their smooth white skin, their pointed nose, their cute eyes, and their fashion style. The street looked like a big runway for many fashionistas. How cool was that! And hubbee knows I'm not a fan of chinitos and skinny guys, but after this trip, it has changed my perception 360 degrees. Haha!

During the chat conversation I had with hubbee at the Business center of the hotel, I told him how gorgeous are the men I see in the street of Guandong Hotel. I never imagined they would look like this. Btw, Guandong Hotel was nice and strategically located in the middle of the life of Kowloon. Our tour guide named Kenis told us that Hongkong is composed of several islands. The three majors are the New Territory, Hongkong and then Kowloon.

What's cool about Hongkong is that the islands are easily accessible through tunnels and bridge. One famous tunnel was the underwater tunnel connecting Kowloon and Hongkong island. Just pass through that tunnel from Kowloon and then you're in Hongkong island already. Cool huh!

So after all these long introduction about Hongkong, and how amazed I was, lemme now share to you what we have done in Hongkong from October 01-05. And that is....

Avaialable on my next entry. Haha!

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