Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Hongkong Trip Part 3

So we're done with our first whole day in HK. After a non-stop walk during the night, and I went back to our hotel room at 1:00am, we woke up early the next day because our tour bus will pick us up earlier for our Ocean Adventure tour. Our sunday was the heaviest in our itinerary: 10:00am-5:00pm in ocean Adventure, then 5:30-6:30pm in Mongkong Night Market, then 7:00-9:30pm in Victoria Peak.

Let's start with Ocean Adventure...

How should I describe the place. Hmmm. It's super duper mega ever huge! For the lack of a better term. Haha! Damn! It was like one whole island for the theme park. And for you to get in to the other side of the island's park, you need to take either the Cable Car or the Ocean Express. That's how big the park is. Cool huh!

Good thing that this time, I am ready. I've learned my lesson from the first day. Haha! My attire is now appropriate, thanks to Giordano I was able to buy 3 polo shirts during my strolling last night. I got 3 shirts for $250 (hongkong dollars) only. Not bad. Here are some pictures that I have in the park...

After seeing some famous asian animals, we decided to watch some shows. The Bird Show in Whiskers Harbour starts at 11:00am. It was 10:30am already at that time and so we just waited for 30mins. People are coming in already and good thing we were early for a good spot. I think that's the techinique in a huge theme park if you want to see some show. You really have to be early.

The show lasted only for 15mins. After the show, we tried the Emerald Trail which is a walking trail but there's nothing you'll see there. Good for exercise though but that's it. When you reach the top, you'll just see a view of the park.

We then decided to see the Sea Lion show which starts at 12:00pm. Again, as our technique, we were there 30mins early and we got good spot again. The sea lions are cute, and the kids who participated in the show. Just a nice feeling of being kid again.


After the show, we were hungry already. Try the Panda cafe near the Whiskers Harbour and enjoy their delicious food serving steamed chicken, bbq pork or pecking duck. It's your choice. But I refused to try the pecking duck. I dunno. I'm not into food exploring. And their rice serving, damn, good for two persons. I complained in my mind when I first saw it but in the end, i finished it. Haha!

There are some street shows like in Disneyland available in Ocean Adventure. This acrobatic show was a nice show. They are really good, and the bright and colorful attire was entertaining already. It's like watching your favorite anime characters flying in the sky.

And it was time to see the other side of the park. We had a hard time deciding which ride to take but dad decided to take the Cable Car instead. It will take you 20mins for the ride, compared to the Ocean Express which will take you a few minutes only. A quick splash in the sea. Too bad I missed that experience. Anyways, Cable Car ride was nerve-wracking, for me and my mom. Haha! Hubbee could have enjoyed this ride.

The other side of the island has some part that is being constructed. They are adding more features in the park. And for me, the other side was more crowded than the other. because in this side you'll see the more thrilling rides of the park, and where the Dolphin show is located, in which we were able to see also but it was super duper crowded.

Going down, you can take the giant escalators. I think there were 4 giant escalators that we took for us to get in to the other gate where our tour bus will wait for us. Ocean Adventure has two entrances.

Since I cannot enjoy the thrilling rides due to my heart condition, I just played the Cannon ball, together with the kids, or else, there's no experience to take. Haha! And this is the only part of the park that you need to purchase some token. You have to put $10 coin to play. So not bad. I enjoyed my 10 minute game just like a kid.

The Aviary was big and you'll see different birds roaming around and flying around. It was cool though and it was another trek. Tiring but good enough. Not as exciting as you can expect. It feels like Jurassic Park when you are inside. And the net-like you see in the picture below is not an ordinary net covering the place, it's a metal net.

We reached the end and it was time to buy some souvenirs. I bought hubbee another stuff toy as my remembrance for the Ocean Adventure experience. And while waiting for dad to finish his purchase, mom and I played around inside the store. Haha!

It was a looooooong day. I was too tired already and wanting to go back to the hotel but we still have some tours to finish. I have decided....

Learn it from my next entry!

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