Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Heart TimeZone

I heart TimeZone. It's like a mini-disneyland or a mini-enchanted kingdom where we can be like kids again. I enjoy being there because it makes you feel young. And when you're inside, it's all about enjoying and having a good time. I think most of the malls in the metro have Timezones. Actually, it was my ex Carl who is the only one who successfully introduced me to Timezone. All of my ex's tried to bring me there but I always refuse. Well, thanks to him. Haha!

That was three years ago when I started to get fascinated with TimeZone. And now, everytime hubbee and I go to the mall and have nothing to do, we spend some time playing there. If you haven't visited the place, check it out. It feels good to be kid some times...

Next time you'll visit TimeZone, please, call us. Haha!!!

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