Sunday, October 31, 2010

Healthy Lifestyle

I am so proud of myself!!! I think I am making a good progress with my choice of having a healthy lifestyle. We went to Festival Mall to do our grocery last night. And all we bought were just healthy food. It was the first time we were so 100% conscious of the ingredients and food contents and we walked away from temptation lanes such as chips, chocolates, processed foods. Waaah, it was tough!!! Haha.

I am very happy with the determination. I am happy with the self-control. And so I am taking advantage of the moment. I just hope this will continue. I really really want to start losing all these excess weight. I'm a believer that it all starts with what you eat. And so I am starting from there.

Healthy lifestyle is not only about healthy food. I guess it's also having a balanced lifestyle. Time with work, time with family and friends, and time with your partner can give you a healthy lifestyle, most especially to your mind, heart and soul. If you're happy, if you're contented, it gives you that boost to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And I guess that's where I get my inspiration.

Thank you Lord!!!

To a continuous healthy lifestyle for me, good morning.

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