Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I still BLACK

This poem was nominated by the UN as the best poem of 2006. It was written by an African child. This was forwarded to me by my Practice Lead last night and I find it very cute. So I decided to share this on my blog.

When I born, I black 

When I grow up, I black 
When I go in Sun, I black 
When I scared, I black 
When I sick, I black 
And when I die, I still black 
And you white fellow 
When you born, you pink 
When you grow up, you white 
When you go in sun, you red 
When you cold, you blue 
When you scared, you yellow 
When you sick, you green 
And when you die, you gray
And you calling me colored?


che said...

i always liked this poem. read it before somewhere. truly innocent but it sure hit a nerve...

Von Viajero said...

that's true mommy che!!!