Monday, November 1, 2010

2011 is a Traveling Year

As early as now, I am declaring year 2011 as my Traveling Year (oh well, parang taon taon, dinedeclare ko ito. haha). It's going to be a blast and it's going to be a different year. Well, that's how I want it to be...

I am now fixing my finances so come 2011, I am richer. Haha. Just kidding. Well, I'm trying to put some order on it so I can enjoy my salary, and mostly enjoy it on travels. That's me, Von Viajero!! Haha. I have also started booking for flights so I can ensure that what I declare is really going to happen. I guess my last out of town trip this year will be in Ilocos Norte this November 22-25. After that, will just do short trips for December.

I have Coron, Busuanga already for March, to officially welcome my summer 2011. Wee! Exciting! It gives chills to my bones (ang arte!!!). Since I always go to Boracay every summer, I'll do it this time on my birthday month which is June. Hubbee and I will stay there for 7 freaking days! Ewan ko na lang kung di pa ako magsawa sa Boracay. Haha.

I also have Cebu booked for July. This time, to fulfill my unexplored places there. Haha. And a few friends already offered to be our tour guide. perfect!!! I still have a few plans that I don't want to disclose as it might be cursed and may not happen anymore. But definitely, I will make a reservation somewhere for our Valentines date. That I cannot disclose also for the benefit of my surprise deal. Haha.

Thanks to Cebu Pacific and Airphilippines Express for giving me cheap tickets. Haha. You guys are helping me fulfill my dream. And that is to visit all the wonders of my beloved country. I love Philippines!!! Haha. This is my first time to book a flight also from Airphilexpress. I hope I enjoy the flight like what I do with Cebu Pacific.

I love Cebu Pacific even though some people hate them because of the delayed flights (and that includes my boss, haha). Lucky for me, so far, I have never experienced it. Without the wisest strategy of Cebu Pacific of selling cheaper tickets, it could have been so hard for me to travel and travel. Thanks a lot Cebu Pacific, Asia's 3rd largest Low-Cost airline, flying to 32 domestic and 14 international destinations. Commercial??? Haha.

To more destinations, to more pictures, to more memories for me and hubbee, 2011, I'm ready for you!!!

By the way, they are still on sale until today for their Halloween 50% discount. Go get your Credit Card and book a flight now!!! Okay, Cebu pacific, if you are reading this, you better give me discount for my next trip for advertising your company. Haha!!!

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