Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Justin Bieber Before

Baby.. Baby.. Baby.. (what's next?)

I know you know it. Stop denying. Who doesn't? A lot of people are listening to this youtube wonderboy singing sensation Justin Bieber's songs. Let's admit it, his songs are a hit. No need to like him to like his songs. We can also like his songs even without liking the singer, right? I'm talking to myself, haha!

Years back, there was another american boy who used to be a hit in the pop scene. If your mind is telling you already who that person is, let me just share to you how he looks like now. And be amazed with the transformation. Haha!

Yeah, that's how Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter, looks like now. Isn't he hot!!! The crazy little party boy is now a stud. For those who want to complain, oh just shut up!!! Haha. Will Justin Bieber turn like this after years too? Well, we'll see...

Thanks to pornstar Brent Everett for sharing this in his twitter account. Twitter is such a rich source of any information nowadays.

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