Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Cebu Memories

I remember, it was the same week last year when hubbee and I celebrated our Chapter I in Cebu. It was also our second travel trip and we actually had a Bohol-Bantayan Island-Cebu itinerary which I arranged for five freaking days. That's how O.C. I am when it comes to my travel trips. I make sure I will have a hassle-free adventure and will just enjoy the tour.

It was in Cebu also where we watched our first movie. Wanna know what movie we watched? And how romantic it was? It's actually this movie...

What a romantic first movie together!!! Haha.

Anyways, it was my first time last year in Cebu. Hubbee was born in Cebu so he knows the place. And his family lives there. But he actually grew up in Cagayan De Oro. And yes, he's a pure cebuano. Cebu is like Metro Manila too. They have worse traffic at times too. Haha.

When I arrived in Cebu together with my friends who joined us in our Bohol tour, hubbee picked us at the airport and parted our ways from there. My friends went straight to their pier for the ferry ride to Bohol while hubbee and I went straight to SM Cebu to grab some lunch. I was already hungry that time.

It was an "enjoying" moment already for me while inside the taxi and on our way to SM until something great welcomed me on that mall....

Power was out when we entered the mall. Great!!!

But it didn't stop our hungry stomach. We went to pizza hut for our lunch and went straight to the pier for our ferry ride to Bohol.

So that's the story of my Cebu adventure...

Haha. Just kidding.

After a few days in Bohol, we went back to Cebu but went straight to Bantayan Island and stayed overnight there. On the day of our Chapter I, we were back in the city. And since it's our celebration, we decided to dress up and go to Ayala Cebu. Haha. Konting effect lang namin. The mall was nice. I think it was better than Glorietta here in Makati.

Then we just strolled around and met our good friend Onica (her real name is Monica, we just removed the first letter, and we all liked it, and started calling her with that name. haha). It was her birthday also that's why it was a double celebration. And what a good way to celebrate was to eat. And not just eat, but it was a feast!!!

We went to The Port in Waterfront Hotel, which I highly recommend to those who will visit cebu, because they have a cheap buffet. And their buffet, oh boy, it's amazing. They offer a huge variety of delicious food, cool beer, good service and the buffet is worth the price (P 199 lunch buffet / P 299 dinner buffet).  It is really nice to go there. Oh yeah, heaven!!! And they have this no left-over policy.

Since it was a celebration, and there was a band (Acushla Band), hubbee and Onica had some beers and I rendered two songs, for my contribution for the celebration. Haha. Hubbee, whom by that time didn't know that I can sing. Wala nang hiya hiya. No one knows who I am so the hell I care. Just sang the song and enjoyed the moment. See some videos that hubbee took. I bet he enjoyed it, and admitted that he liked it. Toink. Kilig!!

I'll admit, kinabahan din ako. Haha. And please, don't criticize it!!! =)

We planned to do the Sky Adventure at The Regency Hotel, and experience the Edge Coaster and Sky Walk but time was of the essence for us, we were unable to do it. What we just did after eating was walked around the city. We went inside the nice Waterfront Hotel and did what we do best, picture-taking!!! Haha. We also went to the IT Park where most of the call centers are located, and nice bars and restaurants.

And we called it a night after. We stayed by the way at Gran Tierra Suites, which is a super chic hotel with a super cheap price for their rooms. We got a Double Room which costs P989.00 only for a night. Highly recommended and I will definitely stay there again when we return to Cebu next year of July (we have our tickets booked already, haha).

The next day, we woke up early so he can still bring me to the famous Magellan Cross and Basilica de Sto. Nino. Of course, I wouldn't want to miss that. It completed my cebu trip. We also burned 5 candles each for 5 wishes in our lives. It was romantic. It was sacramental. It was cute.

All in all, I enjoyed my trip in the Queen City of the South, and felt it was "bitin" and had reasons to come back. Which is why next year, we have allotted 6 days for our next Cebu adventure. There's more to discover in that city and will definitely do that next year. Excited na ako!!!

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