Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

I didn't know it was the Halloween season already until our office celebrated it the other night. I guess I'm too busy with my world I almost forgot what's happening out there. It was a fun celebration as all teams decorated their bays and mostly everyone participated. Cool. A freaky night.

Ohhh!!! I just realized why Glee had a Rocky Horror Show. Haha. Stupid me.

I remember last year, when I was still a Supervisor, my team participated in our office halloween contest and we actually won.. the second place! Haha. But for me, I still believe it should have been us. We were the best. Haha. Here's our entry last year...

Aren't they scary???

We belong to the Psychiatric Ward. Freaky! Led by a real-life psycho me. Haha. I wasn't there. I was the one who took the shot. Wonder how I look like?

I have no costume. It's enough already. Haha.

Kidding aside, that entry should have been the champion!!! It was an effort for the preparation, make-up, and of course, photo-editing. Contesting after a year? Haha.

Anyways, Hubbee and I watched Paranormal Activity 2 kanina to celebrate our Halloween date. Halloween date? Is there such a date? Haha.

But the movie was nice. It scared the hell out of me. Well, it was not scary pala. Nakakagulat lang. And in fairness, they did well on that part. And linking the first one to the second installment, nice one. And I bet there's going to be Part 3. I'm so sure!!!

So to everyone out there, who's still alive at this time, Happy Halloween!!!


jiltedsummer said...

i love it... nmiss ko 2loy ang team...

MommyniUno said...

Same here... I remember I went home na suot ko pa rin yung scrubs na ginamit ko for the contest. Kahiya! Wala man lang pumigil sa ken! Crazy! Haha!!!