Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Addiction to the Prince

Okay, that's given. I'm really addicted to the guy in the picture. But this entry is not about him but about a different prince. Haha! Something related to what hubbee is holding on in the picture. Not only I can't get over with my addiction with Facebook and Twitter, and photography, and hubbee, but also my addiction to my X.

Okay, not X as in x-rated...

Not X as ex-boyfriend...

But X as in X-box. Haha! It's like M&Ms. Once you start, you can't stop. Especially when you like the game. The latest game I am trying to finish when I have a spare time is Prince of Persia.

Oh I am so addicted to it. It's so hard to pause and save it because time is up. Meaning time to sleep because I still have work. You just want to continue and finish it. Not like other games, it gets interesting as it goes on. I have 15 xbox games so far but finished 2 games only: Spirit Warriors and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Sometimes, when you start to enjoy the game, your goal is to finish it, but you also want the game not to end because you like it so much.

For those who are xbox fanatic, try this game. It will surely entertain you!!!


shenanigans said...

cute nung addiction mo... ung unang pic.. hehe!

Von Viajero said...

Haha. Thanks!

And thanks for following :)