Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are they brothers?

Are they brothers? The new glee member Sam and Justin Bieber looks like brothers, aren't they? Haha! Sam's hair in Glee made me think if they are related to each other. Oh well, I'm just trippin'! I know they are not. But what I'm sure of is Sam is hot! I enjoyed watching today's episode of Glee because of him. And because of another person...

Yes, Mike Chang is also hot! Hot abs! Haha!!!! I was not a glee fan until this season. It's all hubbee's fault, who's a die-hard fan of this show. Now I'm one converted fan of glee. Oh these boys, not only has gorgeous looks but has talents. I like the voice of Sam and Mike is just a great dancer, since from his stints in Step Up movies. Watch Glee every wednesday at 4:00pm in ETC.

Okay, going back, so if Sam and Justin Bieber aren't related to each other, how about this...

How about that!!! Haha! Afternoon trippin!

Happy Glee day.

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