Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I witnessed in St. Therese

Not a scandal, not a miracle, but great things in life.

Last Sunday, it was the baptismal celebration of Ythan Aedron Retuta that was held at St. Therese of Child Jesus Church in U.P. Los Banos. It was witnessed by some friends of the parents of Ythan. Hubbee and I were there, together with Drey and with her son Asejia. It was in the same place two years ago when I have witnessed this...

That's the mother of Ythan, Abi, who was looking pretty with her gown that day. And the father, the husband, is not the guy beside him. The groom was covered by his best man in this shot. Haha. This is the Yron, the father of Ythan...

And what you see in the picture is real. He is doing the gesture because he got me as one of their godfather for their wedding. And take note, the youngest godfather. With a long pony tail and wearing a pointed black shoes during that day. Haha. It was awkward being beside with the oldie godfathers but it was cool at the same time to amaze the audience and see their face having that big question mark. Haha.

So after two years, they are blessed now with a healthy baby boy. And I could not miss this celebration. I love this family. I am Yron's mentor when I was still his supervisor and I have so much respect for this guy. I adore his creativity at work and determination to build his family. And knowing his wife was such a pleasure. That's why we made sure we attend this event.

In fairness to the food, it's so good. I have never eaten from any occasion like that. The lumpiang sariwa, the fish fillet, ahhh. Sarap! Burp! Hehe. It was also nice seeing people I haven't seen for quite some time even though we were just in one company, and in one building. Haha! I am so confined with my job. But anyways...

Welcome to the christian world Ythan!!!

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