Monday, November 1, 2010

Lazy Boy

Who doesn't want this cool stuff at the comfort of your home? Lazy Boy is such an item in states that everyone wants one in their homes, while watching tv, and eating some popcorn.

Have you tried sitting on a lazy boy? It's just so f*cking comfortable!!! (May f*cking talaga??? Haha).

But this entry is not about this lazy boy. It's actually, literally about a lazy boy. This boy is not actually a boy anymore but acts like a boy when he's at home. He's so tamad. Yeah, like the conyo "tamad" who doesn't do anything at home but sleep, eat, browse internet and that's it. He doesn't do the laundry, nor washes the dishes.

When he gets home, he places his shoes beside the shoe rack and doesn't even put it back where he got it from. His jackets, after he uses it, he places it on the sofa chair and doesn't hang it back inside the cabinet despite that the cabinet is just beside the chair. When he's eating, he leaves the dishes on the sink and doesn't do the washing. When he has trashes, he leaves it on the kitchen rack even if the trash can is just a two-step away.

He's just a lazy boy!!!

He doesn't do the laundry, nor iron the clothes. He doesn't fix the bed, nor sweep the dusts on the floor. He's a spoiled brat. Not a perfect guy in a house. But I love this boy. Because that boy is ME.

Haha. Yeah, I actually hate the fact that I am so lazy at home. For some unknown reason, I am just that lazy. Although not at work, it's just at home. And hubbee spoils me so much. He takes care of everything. That's why I love him to death. I cannot live without him. I will not survive. Haha. I don't even know how to cook. Haha. I am just thankful to God he gave me someone who's good at home. And he's really really good.

Perfect houseband!!!

Thanks hubbee for taking care of this lazy boy you found in your life. Haha!!! And that's why you deserve all my power hug!!!


Will said...

Wow, same here.. Lazy boy din ako. hahaha

Von Viajero said...

Haha. Same birds flock together =)