Sunday, November 14, 2010

MMP Photo Walk

Von Viajero worked his ass for 7 days this week. Went to work last sunday to prepare everything for our visitors, then my normal work week which was monday to friday, then went to work also last saturday for another set of visitors. What a week it was!!! It was tiring, but it was fine. I am enjoying what I do and I enjoy working with people I'm with.

And that's the reason why I have no entries for the past few days (nag-explain?). Haha.

And so, that leaves me one rest day only this week. The rest of the gang dedicated their sunday to a long rest. For Von Viajero, nahhh, I had to make the most out of it. Isa na nga lang, wala pang gagawin. Got home around 6:00am and it was a nice day. The morning was very relaxing which encouraged me and hubbee to go to Manila Memorial Park for a nice walk. And so we did go.

We visited Ninoy and Cory Aquino's tomb and did some photo walk after. Okay, I know your reaction. What's new. Yeah, if hubbee and I are together, and our camera is with us, we will surely capture every moment. But this time, it was me who took all the poses. Hubbee was in the mood to be the photographer of the day (yey!). Haha.


Thanks to Carol our friend who brought and introduced us to Manila Memorial Park. Since that day, we wanted to return and do some jogging there. And yes, we were able to return, but we haven't done the jogging part yet. Haha. Maybe.... next year? Haha. Just kidding.

I got so tired after the photo walk. Haha. I'm felt like an old guy with a gray hair and weak bones. That's the feeling. Maybe because I had no sleep and came from work. But it was a good morning for the two of us. We enjoyed the day, we enjoyed the moment, we enjoyed the memory. In love, even in small things or small activities, you tend to enjoy it. Because you are with someone you love, and the source of your happiness.

Maybe we have to schedule a jogging there, and invite some friends. Wanna join? Just text...

MMPVonViajero to 2366

I will make sure to respond to you asap. Haha. But kidding aside, let's all get fit and healthy and run with the roaming souls at Manila Memorial Park. Haha!

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