Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trip To The Province Of Ilocos

I asked my sister and my cousin to stay at our place while we will be away for days. There was so much anticipation on this trip which made me so excited that I was literally counting the hours. I have been craving for a good vacation. Got so tired from work. So when they arrived, and when we're all set, it was around 4:00pm, the time were we really planned to leave our place, something great happened. Guess what...

It rained!

And not just rain but strong rain together with strong wind. Fine. It was all sunny the whole day then it rained? Awesome!

Laging ganyan tuwing may trip ako. Laging may pang basag trip. Yung tipong excited ka na tapos may gigimbal nang utak kong paranoid. Hay! Oh well, ang kakambal naman nito ay magandang adventure lagi. Di na ako nasanay. Panabik lang ba. At pagdating namin sa airport, guess what ulit...

Meron pa ding ulan!

Haha. Saya di ba. Isa pang masaya, when we were at the Parking area na, and reached the Overnight Parking spaces, puno na. Great! Saya saya talaga. Pero buti na lang pinag-park kami nang guard dun sa regular parking even if we will leave Khenzo for days (NAIA 3 Overnight Parking Rate is P50.00 per 24hours). So may good news na. Hehe. And another good news is, pagpasok namin nang terminal gate, there was no more rain. Thank you Lord! Btw, Terminal Fee at the airport is P200.00 per person.

Commercial Break:

May sobrang cute na foreigner na nakita na namin while checking in on the same flight and we thought that was it. But no, while waiting for the boarding, tumambad sa tapat namin si kuyang chinese chinesan uli, hunky hunky, matangos ang ilong at maganda ang lips. Wow! Awkward! Siyempre, palihim namin siyang kinunan nang picture ni hubbee. Hehe.

Okay, end of the commercial...

The flight was delayed for about 30 minutes. Another great moment. My first flight delay experience with Cebu Pacific. But it didn't bother me. It was fine. Who's in a hurry? It's the last flight of the day and we don't have an itinerary to follow that night. So the plane took off...

Arriving at Laoag airport was kinda bumpy but I was glad we arrived safe. Isabel Suites Pick up Service welcomed us together with two sets of guests joining us. The airport is similar to Cagayan De Oro's airport in a way that's why hubbee missed CDO for a moment. Airport to city travel is just 10-15 minutes. It was 9:30pm already when we arrived at Isabel Suites. The place was nice, the staff are accommodating just as what I read from the reviews in the net.

We got a Single Standard room only. We didn't spend so much for the room kasi tutulugan lang naman namin for a few hours. As expected, the room was really for one person. Haha. Anyways, it was fine though.

Never mind the guy in the mirror, pa-cute lang yan. Hehe. After placing our bags, we went out to eat. We were so hungry already. The good thing about Isabel Suites is that, Jollibee is just beside them, and it's open 24 hours. Cool huh. No need to walk and stroll and search for a place to eat when it's late already.

So after dinner, we went to back to our room and settled in. It was time to hit the bed and call it a night. Because we have a full itinerary the next day. Got to get a lot of energy for a long day. All the exciting stories will be in the next entries...

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