Saturday, November 6, 2010


As I have said just a few minutes ago (haha), I'm feeling better now. And yeah, what the heck. The hell everyone cares. Haha. Well I don't care too. I am now well. Haha. Thanks to my hubbee who...

Slept the whole time I was sick!!!

Haha. Just kidding. I woke up so early. I think it was around 3:00am. Of course, he was still awake. He's busy with the laptop. He was busy with his online boys. Haha. Nahh. He's watching youtube videos of small condominium designs. Since he was busy, I just watched a movie. Alone in bed. I watched Furry Vengeance. It was cute. It was funny. And Brendan Fraser got bigger. Like me. Haha.

I also watched the LXD after, or the Legion of eXtraordinary Dancers. It was a different type of dance movie, very different concept. Cool enough though.

After watching those movies, hubbee joined me in bed (finally). Unfortunately, my mind has decided already to work on my Travel Journal. So he hit the sack and I got out from bed and started my activity. This is what I did for almost 8 hours (full shift?). Can you believe it?!?!? Haha. My butt was aching big time.

Hubbee then woke up, and it was time for me to sleep. My turn. Haha. Just kidding.

We decided to go to ATC to watch a movie. In which I have mentioned already in my previous entry. Since I have not taken my lunch yet (because the cook was sleeping), and when we got there, the movie was about to start so we just grabbed some snacks at Burger King.

After the movie, we went to our favorite place, PowerBooks. And spent 2 hours reading magazines. The best!!! And I learned a lot of cool things from the magazines I read. Like these...

What a name! Good thing this is not in the Philippines. Or else, you know what great things to get from the beautiful minds of pinoys. Haha. Hotel Eclat is located in Taipei, Taiwan.

This is just so cool. Japan has this (well what's new, they almost have everything in terms of technology). Instant shoe maker. Isn't that cool? Wish we can have that also in the Philippines.

After that, we went to Conti's to buy some cake. After spending a few minutes of deciding which cake to choose, and fell in line, and take note, it was a long line, when it was my turn already to pay, my card did not work. F*ck! What a waste of time. I have no more cash in my wallet so I just left. Haha.

But I freaked out. I called the bank immediately to just check my balance. And after pressing so many numbers to get to the right line, it was confirmed that my available balance is still intact. So what the heck did just happen there? Darn! God's way of getting me away from sweets? Oh, thanks! Haha.

Good thing Starbucks Peppermint Frappe made me feel better. Yeah, it's the start of the Starbucks season again. Yeah, they made it their season. Their journal is a big hit every year. And I like the wood one for their edition this year and I will surely start getting those stickers again. And this time, the journal will go to me. Haha.

So here I am, instead of taking some rest, I am still up. This is I guess my way to self-medicate. To watch a movie, to see my pictures, to blog, to spend time with hubbee. The best alternative medicines. Haha. Of course, I am taking my real medicines. I still have cough, but I am feeling better now. I should be...


Because my boss will go to work tomorrow, on a sunday night, and yes, I have to be there.

So, I've got to be well. My work this week will start as early as Sunday. Hello 6-working days, Waaah. Go go go!!! I guess I will just have to hit the sack right now to get some rest...

Good night madlang people!

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