Sunday, November 21, 2010

We're All Set!

I am so ready. We are so ready. Super ready!

We're all set for our Ilocos Adventure. One week leave at work. Four days of exploring the northern side of the country. Our first time to visit that region, my farthest so far, beating my Isabela adventure years ago. I am excited. I am thrilled. Well, I am always excited and thrilled on every adventure I have.

Our itinerary is to land in Laoag, stay for the night since we have an evening flight, go to Vigan early morning the next day and visit the scneic places of Ilocos Sur's capital, then go back to Laoag after lunch to take our bus trip going to Pagupdud and stay there for a couple of days. Then go back to Laoag to check the historical marks of the capital of Ilocos Norte then go home.

My bags are ready. My hubbee is ready. My camera is ready. My well-deserved vacation after a tiring two-weeks at work. Thanks boss for supporting my travel adventures. You're the best! Will leave Khenzo at the airport, asked my sister and cousin to stay in our place while we are away, and turned on my Out of Office Notification at work. I will definitely enjoy this trip.

We're all set Ilocos!!!

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