Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Battle Continues

Yes, it's a continuous battle with the excess fats in my body. Bad news first. After the day I started working out again at the gym, that was it. I failed to get back. Now that sucks. I thought it was the start. Hay! It's not that I lost my appetite to work-out again, but it was because of my crazy schedule at work. In which I guess the reason also why my body screamed for some rest through this fever. This week was crazy.

The good news is, I have maintained my focus on my diet. And it's working so far. I am feeling the loss of a few weight. San Marino Tuna Paella is continued, same goes for the Nestle Fitnesse and Fruits, sky flakes and fresh fruits. I even can't believe I'm still having that determination. At least, I'm happy with that fact. But I do really hope I can get my routine back at the gym.

I'm so addicted to Pears lately. It makes me go crazy (may ganun?). I know that pears are an excellent source of dietary fiber and Vitamin C. It's also less allergenic than any other fruit. It's also beneficial in lowering high blood pressure, controlling blood cholesterol levels, and increasing urine acidity. Now that some facts about this great fruit.

I also added Nestle Yogurt Jelly to my diet list, in replacement of deserts. Hubbee introduced it to me during the time he was struggling with his bowel movement. Haha. Too much information. But from then, I got hooked on to it. Most especially the green one, the buco pandan flavor. Yummy. Try it!

So there, things are getting healthier with my food. Yey! And hubbee is being very supportive now. I saw a Gardenia wheat bread he bought last night, instead of his favorite white bread. Haha. And today, since I am sick, he prepared something delightful. My lunch for today is this...

It's tuna and boiled eggs with chicken spread over a wheat bread. Yummy! I'm so full. My tummy and my heart. Toink. Thanks hubbee. Wish I can get better now. I hate being sick. But it won't be a reason to stop my battle. The fight continues...

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