Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Marathon

Okay, after the Photo Walk at MMP, we went back to our place. But not to get some rest. But just to get my wallet and my license. Yes, I drove without a license. Haha. And this is not the first time I've done it. A lot of times already. Haha. And I am not encouraging everyone to do the same. It's not good. Mine is unintentional.

Going back...

We decided to do our groceries and we tried the Puregold Molito who just recently opened. They are located at Madrigal Alabang and it was pretty neat. It was big, organized, the staff are friendly and polite, spacious and very cold. Haha. It's like you're inside a giant freezer. It was cold. And of course, as most of my friends know, doing groceries is one of the best activities in life I truly enjoy =)

Puregold Molito was already perfect for me until I found out that they don't have San Marino Tuna Paella. They only sell Century Tuna. What???? Damn! How can I return to that place when the most important item I buy is not available. Sayang! It was pretty decent pa naman. And they have so many food stalls outside. A good competition for South Supermarket in Westgate.

Haha. Sinukat ang lugar sa pamamagitan nang San Marino Tuna Paella. Crazy!!!

And so we're done, all the grocery bags are inside the car already when we decided not to go home yet but to go to Alabang Town Center. It was already 11:00am and I was still up. Although I'm kinda feeling sleepy already pero sayang ang sunday. Sige lang. Todo kung todo.

We did a little shopping to treat ourselves. Hubbee was particularly looking for a black shorts to be used for our upcoming trip next week, and I was just looking for shirts to use for the same purpose. Strolling was tiring and made me so sleepy. Now that's a problem because hubbee doesn't know how to drive. I need to be awake. And so...

I bought my ever reliable Starbucks Coffee Jelly. For some reason, that's the only drink that keeps me awake in an instant. And so, the magic worked again. I was energized again. Did more strolling and checked out San Marino Tuna Paella at Makati Supermarket. No we did not go to Makati, it was the old shopping market at ATC.

And we were successful in finding the item and bought a few additional stuff. Damn! Ang gastos namin. Can you imagine that we spend 4,000-5,000 every 15th of the month, knowing it is just the two of us living together. Haha. Both of us are scared of getting hungry. Haha.

And you'll be happy to see our refrigerator and food cabinet if you get to visit our place. Haha.

Kidding aside, I always make sure hubbee has food to eat. And hubbee also makes sure that he has food to cook whenever I want to eat. That's our support system in food. Haha. Crazy!

And so after that, we finally went home. It was 2:30pm already, when Pacquiao won the fight and when people started to get out of the covered food establishments for the exclusive coverage. Hubbee saw Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera inside their super duper nice Jaguar car coming from Bellevue Hotel while we're on our way home. Siyempre, na-starstruck na naman ang hubbee ko. Haha.

When we got home, hubbee fixed all the items we bought and me, this is what I did...

My sunday treat. Brazo de Mercedes. Yumyum!!! I let him do the work, and he lets me do the eating. Haha. What a spoiled brat!!! I was enjoying eating this food while watching this show...

Haha. It was a good news. Ricky Martin is now being an ambassador for gay people and for a good cause. Nice Ricky!!! He spoke well regarding gay kids being abused at school to come out. Just like the latest episode of Glee. Nice.

So, nothing else to do after but to sleep. I went to bed first, then a few minutes hubbee followed. I was just sitting beside the window, and he placed his head on my lap. Take note, I was already 22 hours awake, and hubbee had a decent sleep last saturday. And guess who fell asleep first...


It was just after a few minutes of lying himself to bed. Can you believe it!!! Nauna pa siya sa akin. Pambihira. Haha.

Inayos ko na siya sa kama. And me? Well, thanks to Coffee Jelly, I was still up. Thanks ha!!! Damn! Safe nga ako nakabalik to our place at walang disgrasya, piligro naman sa tulog. Mali. It's so wrong!!! Unfair. Nauna pa sa wanderland si hubbee. Waaahhh!!!

Kaya ayun, nag-online na lang. Finally, mga 6:00pm, dinalaw na rin ako nang antok. Oh thank God! Hay! 26 hours of being awake, and trying to enjoy my one off from work. Nasobrahan naman ata ako sa pag-enjoy. Haha.

But it was worth it!!!!

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