Friday, November 26, 2010

Viva La Vigan: Baluarte Zoo

We took a tricycle going to Baluarte Zoo from Calle Crisologo and it costs P15.00 per person. Going there will take you 10-15minutes. I was eager to see this place as this has been featured so many times in many shows in television and I was curious to check this out. It's true that you will see a lot of animals free roaming around the area. Only few animals are caged. Cool!

Baluarte Zoo is owned by former Ilocos governor Chavit Singson, and entering the park is free. You just need to register your name, address and sign their log book upon entering. The staff are accommodating, which mostly are young people in the lobby. They will welcome you with smiles and greetings. There's a free ride with the small horse and a cart to give you a quick tour of the place. The zoo was okay. Sosyal lang kasi doon ako unang nakakita nang camel. Panalo di ba!

It was my first time to see a Camel so I got excited to see one. I thought I will need to travel to the middle east for me to see a camel but Baluarte made it happen and easy for me. Haha. Our ride took us 5 minutes only. Isang mabilis na ikot lang sa circle and that's it. Naaawa na din ako sa small horse that's carrying us kasi ang liit liit niya talaga. Eh ako pa lang, mabigat na. Haha! Kaya nagpababa na rin kami.

We had a great time at the place, most especially at the fake dinosaurs area. Haha. Di ba obvious sa mga pictures. Hehe. We're always like kids when there's kids stuff. It's fun to be like kids at times. You feel so much freedom doing goofy and fun things. We also checked out few more animals that you can see in Baluarte...

Okay, di kasali yung huli ha. Animalistic lang ang dating pero di siya kasali sa mga animals. Hehe. After the walk, we relaxed for a few minutes and bought some drinks to quench our thirst. It was kinda hot that day. There's a store inside the Baluarte Zoo where you can buy Takoyaki, drinks and ice cream. So no need to worry, but of course, as expected, it's always pricey.

There's a 12:00pm meet and greet with the animals show but we decided not to see it anymore. It was just 11:30am and we don't have much time. We just spent a few more minutes with the view and the animals in the lobby before leaving the place. We gave it to the kids who will enjoy it more.

They also have a mini chapel. I guess Chavit Singson wanted everything to be there. We learned that a casino is being constructed also in the area which we have seen as well. Oh well, whatever their plan is for the place, I hope they continue to preserve the zoo for the kids. Because back in Manila, animals in the zoo are all caged. Over-all, it was a nice experience in Baluarte. Great job to Singson for having this place for tourists like us.

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