Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pagudpud Tour

Time for our Day 2 adventure!!! We woke up at 6:00am. Actually ako lang pala. Hehe. Hubbee got up early. And he decided to wake me up that time because he wanted to do some walking by the beach. So hilamos, mumog, hikab, inat, bihis, lumarga na agad ang mga viajeros. Dala ang sunblock, camera, mentos at susi nang room.

The resort serves their complimentary breakfast from 7:00am to 9:00am. Since it was just 6:45am, and we did our picture agenda already near the resort, we decided to check out the blue lagoon area. Although we're not expecting to see it due to Hanging Amihan na sumama sa amin magbakasyon, we wanted just to check out the area. Going there from the resort is a 5 minute walk.

It was unfortunate that this season was not the best time to enjoy Blue Lagoon. But it was fine. We felt we were in a tropical place that sun shines and rain falls at the same time. We headed back towards the resort and had our very yummy ilocos longganisa, sunny side up egg and garlic rice for breakfast. After our breakfast, we took more pictures at the resort before getting ready for our Pagudpud Tour. Maagang trip lang!

Our Pagudpud tour was made possible by Mark Calventas, a member of Tour Cycle Front Liner, the driver of the tricycle we rented. The resort offers a tour using their van which costs P2,500 to P3,000 depending on the destinations. But our super hero Mark costs only P700.00 for the tour, going to Bangui Windmills, Bantay Abot Cave, Patapat Viaduct, Agua Grande, Kabigan Falls and back & fort transportation.

Okay na yun dahil yung ibang tricycle, nagsisingil sila nang P1,200.00 just for the Bangui Windmills. Eto, package na! Hehe. How did we get him? I just asked the receptionist to call a tricycle for us para ihatid kami sa highway at magbu-bus na lang kami. Pagdating nung tricycle, which is Mark, we just asked him if he can tour us and from there, these all became possible. We went to Bantay Abot Cave first because it's along our way.

Mark decided to go to Bangui Windmills next. We let our cool driver decide on the tour. We're the happy followers. It took us an hour to get to Bangui , the city next to Pagudpud, where the Windmills are located. But getting there is like having a feeling of going to Disneyland. As in!

Nakaka-excite pala ang mga higanteng windmills. Para kaming bata ni hubbee sa loob nang tricycle. And getting close to it is a different feeling. Nakakatakot. Parang malalaking Sentinels na kalaban nang X-Men. Haha. Nakaka-amaze ang windmills. Aliw!

It's another 2.5km from the highway, and there's a cafe available there, according to the sign we saw. We did not try it. It wasn't necessary pa at that time. All we want to do is to take pictures. Sa sobrang lakas nang hangin, masakit yung tama nung buhangin sa binti namin. Para kang inaatake nang madaming bubuyog. Hehe. Pero nakakaliti din in a way.

Mark is not only our driver, our tour guide, but also our photographer. Package deal talaga. Haha. We bought a miniature of the windmill as our remembrance sa mga small stalls dun for a price of P60.00 pero nakuha ko siya nang P55.00. Hehe.

Then we went back to Pagudpud for our next destination. However, we stopped by at Bangui's Public Market first to grab some food. We checked the breads nang isang bakeshop there and to our surprise, we made a discovery. Their version of Spanish Bread are just great. Though small in size, but the taste, it was perfect! A must stop over for a quick merienda.

Then we went to Patapat Viaduct na to get some pictures. Twas a nice scenic viaduct. Breath-taking! The rain did not even stop us from capturing these best moments. Saya!!!

Next stop was Agua Grande. It was a picnic park near the rushing river. There's an entrance fee of P25.00 per person but since there are no people inside, the lady at the gate allowed us to enter to take pictures and just asked us to just give a monetary donation. And so, we just took pictures of the place and left. I gave ate a P20.00 donation. Haha!

It's been 4 hours already, and it's starting to rain so we decided to return. Kabigan Falls will require trekking before you reach the falls. So we did not push for it. We were already hungry for lunch that's why we stopped at Hannah's Resort for a different venue. We had spare ribs and Pancit Canton for lunch. Mark was just waiting for us outside the resort.

Food at Hannah's are more cheaper than Kapuluan. We had ice cream sundae cone for dessert. We asked the staff na balutin yung Pancit Canton kasi ibibigay namin kay Mark who was patiently waiting for us outside.

We went back to the resort, paid Mark and negotiated for our trip on the day that we will check out, which is on Thursday. We got his number (09303642499) and for those who will visit Pagudpud's Blue Lagoon, you can contact him.

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the cool breeze of the beach, playing around, beach walking, pictures and just simply enjoying a day without work, away from the city, and just bonding with hubbee. We were about to swim in the pool but it was cold so wag na lang. Haha!

Tumambay na lang kami sa sofa, read magazines, checked out the pictures of the resort, listened to the relaxing house music, and ordered a glass of margarita. Yes, we liked it so much. It's P75.00 per drink. What a perfect holiday. Very relaxing and free from all the stress in the world.

We also had a chat with the owners, Mike and Alma, who are really pleasant and accommodating. They really take time to chat  with their guests. You will really feel their sincerity when talking to you. And they look good as a couple. Mike is also the surfing instructor of the resort. They have a kid, and they have cute little dogs in the resort, Drew and Julia, which we had a great time playing with them.

Dinner time, we decided to splurge in and ordered the best food for our last night. Hubbee ordered Dinakdakan which costs P250.00, it's like a special chicken sisig with a different flavor but really good, and I ordered Bagnet again which costs P350.00. We also had a taste of their famous dessert, the Butterscotch Banana which costs P150.00 and it's home-made and just so yummy. A must try!

After dinner, we went back to our room to take some shower, relax, read more magazines, and do my blog until the sleeping fairy came to us and we then called it a night. End of Day 2.

Sheeeet! Day 3 na!!!

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