Monday, November 1, 2010

Back to digging at Golds

I'm back!!! I'm back to working out at Golds Gym Alabang. Yey! Clap clap. Finally, I got the motivation to start working out again. Hay!!! Finally. It's been a tough struggling months and now, I got the strength to visit the gym again and start burning those calories who had a nice vacation inside my system. Haha. Oh well, fats, this is the end of your summer days. Haha.

Oh please universe, let this continue for months also. Let all the encouragement in the world come to me to continue what I have just started again. This is it! This is it!

This is really is it!!! (wink)

Start of a diet, start of work out, start of a new month, perfect! Hubbee will surely miss those times where I spend so many hours with him. Now, it's going to be lesser as I have added my gym schedule on my daily schedule. Don't worry hubbee, this is for you. Nyakkk!!! Haha.

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