Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Been A Year CC

Wow! I cannot believe that it was a year already. I cannot believe it. It was the 15th of the same month last year when I started to move in here at our pad. Last year when I asked my mom that I will move out from our house in Laguna again and will have an independent life. Last year when I saw that sad face from her. Last year when hubbee and I decided to live together.

And actually for him to move here, leave Cagayan De Oro and live with me.

It's been 12 great months of nice and peaceful stay in this condominium. Closer to work, enough distance from my mom, closer to reaching the metropolitan district, closer to different malls, grocery stores, but away from the hustle bustle.

I remember the first day hubbee cooked food for me, when we were still using gas, and on the first unit we used to live. The different set-up we did to our place, the storm we witnessed this year, the pool who helped us lose those weight, friends we have invited in our place, the movies we watched, the fire exit which is hubbee's favorite hang-out place, the laughter we shared, the memories we had, all the nicest things we have in this place.

And the rooftop, which became a photo shoot venue for hubbee and I one time. Ganyan kami pag biglaang maisipang mag trip sa camera. Wala lang. Minsan, pati pool na din, di namin pinapalagpas. Haha.

Lakas trip lang. Haha. I am thankful to God. He directed us to a very safe and peaceful place. Where no one cares to bother you and where you enjoy a lovely freedom. I love our place. To more months of peaceful stay here. Happy Anniversary to us and with Centropolis Communities (CC). Thank you!!!

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