Thursday, November 4, 2010

Live to 100

I'm afraid of death. So as I am afraid of getting old. If only there's a way to get out of it, I would do it. But that's life. Everyone will actually grow old. And eventually, everyone will die. Sucks! Can I be the exception to the rule? Haha. So I guess my only option is to live long and enjoy life. How to do it? Click and see the picture below...

Now, let's check the list...

DRINK GREEN TEA. Does this include the C2 green tea? Haha. I'm not a fan of drinking hot tea, like Chinese do. But I think my dad was right when he kept on citing them as an example for longer life when I was a child. Tea is like their water. Like English men too. I just don't like the taste but I guess, if I want to live long, I have to start trying.

BE OUTGOING. Okay, check ako dito. If it means going out and traveling. No additional comment on this. Haha. EAT NUTS. I often eat nuts. I guess only when there's an available one. But I should include this on our grocery list. I must enjoy eating nuts. I've been reading good things about eating nuts, so will do.

FLOSS. I never imagined flossing will make you live long. Haha. It was a revelation at first seeing it on the list but after reading the explanation, I kinda understood why it was included. Oh well, fine. DO NOT SMOKE. Another check for me. I don't smoke and never smoked and will never try to smoke. I hate the smell of cigarettes. So a no-no for me.

EMBRACE NEW TECHNOLOGY. Well I did. Not just embrace, super duper embrace pa. HAVE A BABY LATER IN LIFE. No comment. Damn! TAKE MORE HOLIDAYS. Oh yes! Will surely do. I have a great boss who understands my addiction to traveling.

LIE IN. Toink! Fine. This I have to really deal with. I've got to really have a better way of making sure I get enough rest in a day. I think that's one of the reasons why I got sick was because of lack of sleep. So yeah, I'm on it. DRINK A LITTLE WINE. What!! I'm not a fan of wines. For some reason, I hate the taste of wine. Oh no, how is that! I better find the wine that will suit my taste. Will put that on my to-do list.

And lastly, LAUGH. Oh! I love to laugh. But only with the company of good friends (and not alone, that's different, haha). I'm very serious at work. But when I'm bugged by my friends for a little chat, we never fail to laugh around. I love to laugh. I have my way of being happy so I don't forget this. And I'm a believer of the saying that it is the best medicine to take everyday.

I'm done with my checklist. It's your turn!!!

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Anonymous said...

i dont smoke,i laugh a lot, hindi ako masyado nagtatravel kasi walang budjey, di ko na kelangan magfloss dahil one seat apart ang mga ngipin ko. i eat nuts naman, pistachio is my favorite and i drink tea. counted ba yung macha green tea latte sa CBTL? hehehehe.

sabi din nila, kapag malaki tenga mo, may possibility na tumagal ang buhay mo sa mundo, malaki ang tenga ko, pero hindi ako natutuwa at nageenjoy sa idea na yan, why? nakakatakot tumanda mag-isa. ;)