Monday, November 29, 2010

Trip To Saud Beach, Pagudpud

Day 3, our last day in Ilocos. We woke up at 5:30am. The tropical morning greeted us with drops of rain, cool breeze, and the beautiful nature outside. It was such a good and refreshing morning for us. It was literally hard to get out of bed. You'll feel like lying in bed all day. But of course, we don't want to spend our last day doing that.

We followed what Mike advised us last night to check out Saud Beach because the wind was not there and the water was fine. And so we did. We texted Mark and asked if he can service us going there. Good thing he's awake already. He gave us a price of P500.00 for the tour, giving us P100.00 discount from his normal rate of P600.00 going to Saud Beach. But of course, Von Viajero haggled more and got another P100.00 discount. Final deal was P400.00. Perfect!

We had our breakfast at 7:00am after preparing ourselves for the day's itinerary. Hubbee had hotdog, rice and egg while I had French Toast. The French Toast was so yummy, made out of whole wheat bread. Nice! At 7:30am, Mark arrived at the gate and we immediately left the resort then.

It was an hour travel to Saud Beach. In Pagudpud, there are two famous coastline with ivory sand. Saud and Maira-ira or others call it the Blue Lagoon. They say if the Hanging Amihan is in Blue Lagoon, it means, Saud's coastline is fine. True enough.

Mark also told us that the best time to enjoy Blue Lagoon or the Maira-ira Beach is from the months of March to September. On the other hand, Saud Beach is nice these months. This is the same, exact situation we had on our trip to Bantayan Island, Cebu. Parehong pareho. I should really learn more about weather and coast lines. Hehe.

Anyways, arriving at Saud Beach was spectacular. The beach was really fine. Love it! We only had two hours to enjoy the place so we did not waste any time. Time to burn the camera. Haha! But before that, time to pee first. Ihing ihi na ako. Haha!!!

You can actually see the Bangui Windmills from Saud Beach. Nice! Although it's kinda far away, but it's a good feeling that you have been to both sides of the ocean, Bangui town and Pagudpud. How cool is that!

It was time to experience the water. It was kinda cold but once your body adapted to the temperature, you'll no longer feel it and will start to enjoy the water. Mark was able to sneak us in at one resort and we did not pay any entrance anymore. There was a shower room that we used after our swim. We also took our Chapter XIV picture for our celebration of this trip.

We went back to the resort and packed our things for our check out at 12:00pm. We asked Mark to service us aslo going back to the highway. I just gave him P500.00 in total because he was such a good tour driver. He gave us also good information on our tours, and became our photographer as well. But before leaving the resort, of course, last set of shots. Hehe.

There are many buses passing by the highway. Mark waited for us to get a bus before he left after dropping us at the waiting shed. Thank God the bus we had was not full, and better than what we had on our way to Pagudpud.

So that ends our Pagudpud adventure. Over all, it was a nice experience. That marks "my" and "our" farthest adventure on the northern part of the country. We are on our last item on our itinerary, which is to tour around Laoag city.


Anonymous said...

wow.. sarap ng buhay ahh.. care to chat and follow

Von Viajero said...

thanks man!!!