Thursday, November 4, 2010


It started with a slight fever I felt at work last Tuesday. I did not give attention to it. I thought it was just an over-acting stress in my body. But I was wrong. It got worse yesterday which caused some chilling, runny nose, body pain and head ache. When I got home, fever was already high.

I was in a panic mode because I can't afford to be absent at work. My boss has a back-to-back client visit and I just can't leave her all alone. That's how my connection with my boss already. I feel bad when she's alone doing everything. And so I took a lot of medicines and did all the cartwheel for the universe to hear my wish. And that is to recover fast.

The universe was actually pretty nice I got well after going to bed again for a quick nap. I woke up after 5 hours of sleep to do some stuff at work. It was badly needed that's why I had no choice. Then took a nap after and got better after. Although I can still feel the fever, I had enough strength to get to the office.

But I guess it was not a good idea at all. It became worse of all the worse. Went home early and felt the same bad feeling again. But this time, it's worse. Damn! I hate being sick. It gets you stuck in the middle of your active life. But I think, it's also the way of your body to tell you to get some rest at times. Sometimes, we need to give our body some break. And actually listen to it.

Okay, I can deal with that break now. And may possibly call in sick so I can have enough rest. Because for the next two weeks, I cannot afford to be sick. We will be very busy as we will have back-to-back-to-back (yeah, that's how many visitors we will have for the next two weeks) client visits in which I have to take care of together with my boss.

So universe, let's make a deal. Get me sick now, but not on the next two weeks. Oh! Make it three weeks. I am going to Ilocos Norte, I forgot. Is that a deal? (wink)

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