Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tambay. Tambayan. Katambay.

"We don't always know WHO we inspire with our WORDS.
Or WHO gets encouraged when we SMILE.
Or WHO are strengthened by our PRESENCE.
But let's keep doing them anyway.
Because we won't always know it.
That sometimes, we deliver a SLICE of HEAVEN to SOMEONE else's LIFE".

That's how my friends are to me. Work is tough. That's why sometimes, you need to relax, to unwind, so that stress won't get in to you. In my life, I have been very blessed with people that easily takes all my stress away. Of course, in the absence of my friends, I have a hubbee who hugs me tight and take away all the stress in me. Not only he does that, he supports and understand when I ask him that I will hang out with my friends for a coffee.

My friends at work are the coolest people. May variety. May sobrang kwela, may mataray, may pranka, may kalog, may madrama, may maarte, may matalino, may matakaw, may mahinhin, may magaslaw, may straight, may married, may single, kumpletos rekados (friends, alamin niyo na lang kung sino kayo diyan ha, haha). At higit sa lahat, walang trying hard! Kaya pag nagsama sama kami, sandamumak na ingay, tawanan at kwentuhan. Para kaming di nagkikita at nagkakausap sa office.

I am thankful that I have them. When things get tough at work, we inspire each other, we support each other. Their presence alone actually is enough to cool me down. Their life stories are my inspiration too. I like hanging out with them because they are real. They are not fake. And they also hate office politics. We are all aligned with our values that's why it works. No competition. We just love each other.

Last week was my deadline for this group. My job and my schedule has prevented me from joining so many tambay sessions after work. It's usually around 6 or 7:00am kasi. Sometimes I get home at 4 or 5:00am. At kailangan pumasok nang maaga the next day kaya kailangan umuwi. I need to have good sleep kasi to have a productive day at work. Pag kulang kasi ang sleep, di ako productive. And I hate that.

And so, binigyan na nila ako nang ultimatum (can you imagine?). Natakot na ako. May mga pagbabanta na kasi. Pag di daw ako sumipot, EOF na. End of Friendship. Siyempre, sa takot ko, at sa ilang pagkukuyog at pagpa-plot nila na di ako papansinin, pumunta na ako. Haha. Lahat naman kasi nang plano nila, hindi nagiging successful, di nila ako kayang tiisin. They just love me. Haha.

That's why last week, I accepted the invitation. Medyo konting sakriprisyo pero ipagpapalit mo pa ba yun. If you're with a good company and with a good set of friends, mas masaya yun. We also visited Benjo's house to see his cute little angel Max after the tambay. Such an adorable baby.

The problem lang is, pag may tambay, at nasa tambayan na, at kasama na ang mga katambay, lahat kami lumolobo. Kasi ang hilig naming kumain. Haha!

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