Sunday, November 21, 2010

Breakfast At The Park

"Everyone... my treat!"

That's what my boss told us when we arrived at Salcedo Park last saturday when the team decided to have a little celebration after the very exhausting and draining two weeks client visit. Actually, it was really one hell of a ride for me too. But the good news is, I survived my baptism of fire. Haha!


It was not my first time at the park. When I was still working at Makati, we used to go here on our last shift of the week. And it has always been a challenge to choose what food to eat because everything looks yummy. It is really hard to choose one. Parang extra challenge lang sa akin. There are so many stuff that you can buy from the saturday market. As in all stuff.

From plants, food, drinks and shakes, pastries, fruits, meat, exotic food, yummy delicacies. Lahat na. Kinareer na nila ang term na "market" na nag-level up. Mga ganun. And most of the people visiting the market are from call centers ending their shift and from the residents of Makati Business District. It gets packed with people around 8:00am. The market opens at 6:00am.

But last saturday, this is what I had...

After doing a couple of rounds, I just decided to have a Meaty Chicken Lasagna for P300.00. It was enough for my stomach. No more diet. Cheat Day was declared. Haha. We also had Ineng's BBQ and watermelon shake. It was a nice day for us. I was with my boss and the rest of the team. A relaxing de-stressing breakfast for us. 

My boss took me to one store where she always buys her favorite Lengua de Gato before. Because it was her favorite food before, and she cannot eat it anymore today because of her strict diet, she bought it for me so I can have a taste of it. Masaya na siya dun. Busog na busog ang tiyan ko na di man lang gumalaw ang bulsa ko. Perfect! Kulang na lang ipasara ni boss ang market sa sobrang ganado siya mag-treat. Haha.

Will definitely return there and bring hubbee because for sure, he will enjoy the place. Masarap pakainin si hubbee kasi halos lahat kinakain nun, di siya mapili. Pati nga ata goma, gulong, carpet, kinakain nun. Haha! Tapos nakakainis, hindi tumataba. Shet! Haha. 

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