Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Search For The Hottest Single Ten

Because Valentine's Day is coming very soon, 31 days to be exact, Von Viajero would like to play as a good-hearted Cupid, searching for those lonely hearts in my Facebook, to tell to the blog world that they are available. I have been so blessed with a good partner and I am enjoying so much the beauty of a good relationship and the simple feeling of being loved. So I want a lot of people to experience that too.

Honestly, it breaks my heart, for some reason, when I see someone posting "I am now single" as their status, or when someone just broke up with someone else.

Since I am fond of love and happiness, and I want everyone to be happy too, and enjoy the magic of love, I will hunt those hot and gorgeous single men out there and show to the world what their ex-boyfriends just lost. I will show their profiles and brief descriptions of who they are and what might be interesting information for anyone out there.

Of course, this has to be with their consent. I don't want to be responsible for their hearts but if they are up to it, why not. Besides, there's nothing to lose in being part of the list. Who knows, your love story might start from here. Isn't that a cute story to write in the future? And I would be very happy to see them get happy on Valentine's Day (wink).

So watch out guys. Will post the Top Ten very soon...

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